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Tinkiet SWARM is a revolutionary plug & play inventory management solution based on Artificial intelligence and Internet of Things, which allows you to monitor your inventory levels in real time.

Real-time inventory

Automatic orders

Ready to use 
(Plug & Play)

Relieving You From Inventory Management 

Our goal is to  simplify inventory management by making it more efficient and automated. Our solution , SWARM, is a plug-and-play device designed to fit easily under shelves and inside storage containers, allowing you to track inventory levels in real timeanticipate shortages and place automatic orders with suppliers, with manual intervention.

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How it works

  1. Place SWARM devices under the products at the extremities of each shelf, or inside your storage boxes, then activate them with our dedicated app. No complex tools required.

  2. Configure your SWARM system in a few clicks thanks to our intuitive app. Set your preferences, and let technology do the rest.

  3. You're all set  ! SWARM gives you real-time visibility into your inventory. You will no longer have to spend time and money in inventory management.


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Free up time

With SWARM, you no longer have to  worry about manual tasks related to inventory management, such as placing orders, scanning barcodes, or entering quantities. SWARM ensures fully automated inventory, freeing up valuable time.


Prevent shortages

The SWARM application, accessible from a Smartphone, tablet or computer, offers a complete view of circulating stocks, also making it possible to make predictions on consumption. This feature helps prevent shortages and empty shelves.


Save money

SWARM allows you to considerably reduce the time and costs associated with inventories, but also to size your stocks as closely as possible to demand to avoid overstocking, and to optimize orders with your suppliers.

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